A History Of Innovation

The Bevers & Co. Team has a long history of innovation in the fuels supply chain. These efforts include many joint research & development initiatives with major Oil Co’s and independent distribution companies, from production, refining, pipeline, and marine transportation to wholesale distribution, retail marketing, alternative/renewable fuels, and end-user fuel and transportation management operations. Many of these initiatives resulted in industry-leading information technology solutions that empowered client fuel operations through data management, system modeling, application development and deployment, and technology integration. In examining the Bevers & Co. Team’s history over nearly forty years, the following milestones of innovation in the downstream fuels industry come to the forefront:

The 1990’s

    • Developed a relational database system of the U.S. transportation fuel network that included refining and imports/exports, transportation, terminal and storage, truck delivery, and local demand by sector and NAIC.
    • Contributed to refining industry consolidation through detailed market and inter-regional analyses for Conoco, Diamond Shamrock, Clark Refining, Farmland Ind., and others.
    • Developed a national fleet database by NAIC, fleet size, and vehicle class composition to promote natural gas as an alternative fleet fuel for SoCal Gas.
    • 1995 Started Focus on Internet, eCommerce, and eBusiness Web-enabled Sales and Data Management Solutions for Exxon Chemical, Tetra Technologies Specialty Chemicals and Oil & Gas Services.
    • Contributed to terminal and storage industry consolidation through detailed terminal market and competitive positioning analysis for Shell Oil, Chevron, Texaco, and others.

The 2000’s

    • Developed and marketed Internet-based supply chain management solutions for suppliers and commercial consumers of transportation fuels, including Halliburton, Ohio DOT, Maines Paper, and others.
    • Initiated the use of Qualcomm satellite communication in fuel trucks for driver and load management as well as integration with back-office systems.
    • 2003 Developed a Hand-held, Mobile Fuel application for capturing delivery data to automate electronic invoicing and management reporting.
    • Built a large regional wholesale distributorship that combined the best practices of mobile fueling (Wet-hosing) full-truckload (FTL) and less-than-truckload (LTL) operations.
    • Developed a fuel management system under Fuelmanager.com label which was subsequently sold to Chevron.

The 2010’s

    • Developed a “Rack” Marketing and distribution program for Lyondell Refining.
    • Completed a Global Retail forecourt technology assessment, Oil demand forecast, and market growth projection by region, by country.
    • Completed a wholesale distribution analysis for transportation fuels and refinery (Isla) operations assessment for the Government of Curacao.
    • 2013 Introduced Fuels Market News — the industry’s only magazine focused on the wholesale and commercial transportation fuel markets. (Sold to NACS in 2021)
    • Developed a transportation fuel pricing service, EPIC Price & Data, to compete directly with Oil Price Information Service (OPIS) that included push communication, a web portal and a smartphone application for dissemination of daily pricing data.

The 2020’s

    • Performed a market, supply, and demand assessment of Central and Northern Mexico supply chains for transportation fuels imported from the U.S.
    • Completed an assessment of the Permian Basin and Persian Gulf waste flared natural gas and its conversion to diesel fuel via the Fischer-Tropsch process.
    • Conducted a market analysis for a new transportation fuels terminal in Central Mexico.
    • Developed a “Clean Fuels” Carbon Reduction, premium additive program for Bapco, Bahrain National Oil Co. and Mexico’s commercial transportation fuels markets.