A Business Development / Strategic Marketing initiative is the roadmap to achieving your Profitability and Growth Goals. Our Roadmap Development starts with Business and Marketing Assessments and follows through Strategic Planning and Goal Setting to writing a Go-To-Market Plan. We support your in-house sales and marketing efforts allowing you to grow your business profitability.


A consistent Fuel Supply is the lifeline of a Fuel Marketing Operation. Smart fuel sourcing and optimized logistics are the keys to lower fuel costs. We can help you evaluate your fuel storage needs with Terminal or Bulk Plant assessment plans to maximize your growth potential. We can help you identify fuel suppliers and alliance partners, and we can assist or negotiate on your behalf. We support discrete initiatives or offer complete turn-key management of your project’s life cycle.


A Clean Fuels Business Development marketing initiative is critical to achieving future profitability and environmental goals. Our Clean Fuels Roadmap Development can provide your company with realistic assessments, planning, and goal setting. Bevers & Co can assist you as your business transition from traditional towards future fuels. The time to plan ahead is now, and we have the expertise to navigate and negotiate the myriad of present and upcoming clean fuel technologies, as well as assist you in determining the marketability of these new products.